Wall Heart Series

This sculpture was designed to simply represent love and happiness in all its countless forms, with the overall purpose to just make the onlooker smile. It comes ready to hang for anywhere around the home.

The form of the sculpture is, on first impression, just a heart. However as you look at the intricate detailing you can see the textured flower designs, which are inspired by nature. The swirls and patterns represent the ebb and flow of feelings. The curls on the right appear to flow from its core. They embody the love and happiness that you feel for your loved ones, and how uniquely special to you that feeling is inside, whether it be for your partner, parents and grandparents, sister or brother, aunty and uncle. Or for a very special friend who you consider to be your family.


I've taken the original idea and produced it in a variety of colours. Each one could be used to commemorate a golden, silver or ruby wedding anniversary for example.  'Wall Heart could also be a fabulous engagement or wedding present, or even a special gift for the one you love. You may even choose to treat yourself and hang it as a funky piece of wall art in your own home.




The clay original was created with the idea of casting a clear resin heart filled with a collection of pebbles our wedding guests brought with them. Each pebble came from their favourite place - their garden, a cherished beach, even up a mountain! The clear resin allows us to look at a representation of our guests' smiliest memories from somewhere they hold dear, which are forever encapsulated together with the wonderful memories of our fantastic day. Each time someone comes to visit we get them to see if they can identify their own pebble - it's a great game.


Height: 36cm

Width:  32cm 

Depth:  5cm

These sculptures are only suitable for display inside your home.

Limited series of 49 across all colour varieties (apart from Crystal I & II and Purple Amethyst).

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