Fossil Garden Series

‘Fossil Garden’ is an eclectic collection of both real and imaginary creatures, past and present, which could be found at the bottom of our beautiful oceans. The plaque is inspired by the fascinating depths of the sea and all life which thrives there, so much of which is still unknown and undiscovered.  'Fossil Garden' is available in a variety of colours for both indoor and outdoor use.



The sculpture’s design purposely refrains from following scale. Each creature is my own mind’s adaptation of what could collect in the hidden depths – some inspired from fossils seen around the world, and some purely imaginary organisms which don’t, or probably don’t, exist – who knows! 


It’s really a lighthearted way of encouraging your imagination to run riot on what hides at the bottom of our intriguing oceans, and pays tribute to the intricate detail and beauty of some of nature’s oldest, illusive and yet-unknown creatures.

Dimensions:  36cm square, 6cm max thickness

Weight:  6.5kg

Limited series of 47 across all colour varieties.

© 2020 The Creative Studio

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