Indoor Ammonoid Series

The timeless form of this beautiful ammonite spiralled shell has always fascinated me. As a child on holiday in Dorset, excited about finding fossils in broken rocks on the beach, I always thought it mind-boggling to think I was looking at a creature that lived millions of years ago. 'Ammonoid' is available in a variety of colours for both indoor and outdoor use.



As an adult I am still inspired by this elegant motif of Mother Earth. The spiral, for me, represents eternity and the knowledge that anything is possible, and I have adopted a simplified version of its form in my logo.

These sculptures are suitable to display inside your home. Some of these colours, plus others, are also available to hang in your garden - please see the Garden Series.

Medium:  Selection of cold-pressed copper/ silver/bronze/burnished iron, various gilded wax finishes, Jesmonite.

Height: 23cm

Width:  25cm

Depth: 6cm max

Weight:  2.2kg


Limited series of 49 across all colour varieties.

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